We love what we do!

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As experts in omics studies, we are interested in helping you to make most of your valuable resources. Whether this means advising on study design, bringing your research from samples to results, optimising your experiment, devising new statistical models, writing new or adapting existing (open source) software, or helping you select, deploy or maintain your computational infrastructure.

We love what we do!

We provide customized solutions for statistical and computational omics

PolyKnomics BV is specialised in providing expertise in omics studies, statistical and computational biology. We are excited about helping our clients to find efficient solutions to complex problems emerging in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology. Depending on the nature of the problem, we help our clients by providing advice on organisational, technical, and computational infrastructure, optimal design of experiments and analyses, quality control, signal and data processing, development of statistical methods and software implementation thereof. We are interested in contracts for R&D in a wide range of the emerging biological data-related problems. In the field of our core expertise – statistical and computational omics – we also provide a range of services, such as education, training, standard analyses, software adaptation and Linux system administration. In this area, our company actively collaborates with many European academic centres and SMEs.

GWAS-MAP: Biomarker and intervention target discovery platform

Our GWAS-MAP platform integrates results of genome-wide association and functional genomic analyses of millions of samples. With these big data, we apply novel analytical methods to develop etiologic hypotheses, discover candidate risk assessment biomarker, and biomarkers that may help stratifying the patients into different molecular subtypes of disease.

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Scientific research

Science lies at the heart of PolyKnomics. For example, we are currently involved in two omics-related EU FP7 projects. For private customers we offer various solutions ranging from “you bring the samples, we will report the findings” to advice on how improve their experiments or analyses.

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Stewardship of data and computations

With the ever growing amount of data in the life sciences, proper data management according to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles is of paramount importance.

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Reproducible research and scientific audit

It is not uncommon that people spend millions of euros on experimental, functional, and clinical follow-up of some findings only to discover that they are chasing false-positives which resulted from e.g. a bug in the statistical quality control procedure. And we all know that having original work published in Science or Nature does not guarantee that reported results are reproducible. We can help you with establishing reproducible research pipelines or with a ‘scientific audit’ before you invest follow-up of some previous (external) work.

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Scientific software development

Modern science is nowhere without software. We develop new solutions or tailor existing ones to your needs. Keywords are free/open source software, R, C++, Python.

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Server consulting & management

Thinking about setting up a new compute cluster for your omics analysis? Having trouble keeping your Linux systems up to date? Let us help! We have several years of experience in design and maintenance of small to medium sized compute/storage clusters for research use.

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Process consulting

In any bigger research project, leadership faces a number of questions related to its (strategic) organisation. With more than a decade of experience in organising research in a wide range of settings, we are there to help you to achieve your goals.

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"We are a bio-IT company, solving problems in which (gen)omics, computers, statistical modelling, (big) data, and biology are involved."

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Every team, every project, and every dataset is different. Therefore, most of our work consists of customised solutions. Click on the buttons below to get an idea of what we can do for you or contact us directly. No strings attached!

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